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astTECS: Dial with Ease Using Asterisk, the Future of Telephony

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
The contact centers are always a busy zone where agents are engaged throughout the day dialing numbers, trying to reach customers and talk to them. While any contact center makes a bazillion outbound calls a day, there could not be a bigger impediment than making calls manually and waiting for customers to respond. The entire process consumes over half of the agents' working hours ultimately reducing their performance and increasing the operational cost. Understanding the pain points of such organizations, astTECS came up with solutions built on the open source Asterisk platform that is often considered as the 'Future of Telephony'.

Founded in 2009, the telecom centric astTECS provides cost effective telephony solutions that are feature rich, extremely versatile, flexible, customizable and scalable. Covering the entire gamut of communication needs of an enterprise, this ISO 9001:2008 company has made its mark as a one-stop-shop for Contact Center, IP PBX and Video Conference solutions. The Bangalore based organization is a telecom manufacturer having a vision to revolutionize the Global Telecom market with the open source Asterisk platform. Since its inception, astTECS has served clients like Puravankara, Sobha Developers, Mega Cabs, Capillary Technologies, D&B Transunion, and Ericson Healthcare amongst many others.

Realize the Benefits of open-source IP telephony
Making the clients move to open-source IP telephony a reality, the company offers open source Asterisk solutions in India with an aim to be a keystone in the Asterisk ecosystem. It offers a wide range of call center/contact center solutions & enterprises solutions including - open source Asterisk solutions, IVR systems & solutions, open source VoIP PBX, call center dialer, voice logger, automatic call distribution or ACD application software.

The solutions bestow rich features like predictive dialer, hosted dialer, GSM & SMS integration, call recording, customized line call recording/monitoring/tracking and FMC gateway. astTECS' products also include video conference solution and GSM gateway. "Time equates to money in the present era. We provide bespoke solutions based on clients' requirements and help them take in huge productivity gains by reducing errors and streamlining processes. Our aim is to develop & popularize Asterisk to provide affordable communication solutions," says Devasia Kurian, MD, astTECS. For instance, its solution catering to contact centers enable the dialer with an automated mechanism. While the agent is on a call, the dialer predicts the time when the present call would get over and starts dialing the next number in the background. As soon as the agent finishes one call, he gets another on the line, thus making him more productive. The solution rationalizes the whole process and makes it less error prone as looking after the hassles of ignored, busy and unreachable calls is all taken care.

As a well defined strategy, astTECS believes in expanding its network through its partners spread globally rather than establishing offices everywhere. Riding high on success, astTECS wishes to create a similar success story for Asterisk in the telephony world, which Linux as an open source operating system witnessed. With a vision to secure the numero uno position using the Asterisk platform, the company looks forward to an IPO in the years to come.
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