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Applied Micro Circuits Corporation: Fortifying Computing and Connectivity Solutions for a Secured Data Center

SI Team
Friday, April 1, 2016
SI Team
Data centers act as the backbone of the modern economy, starting from the server rooms that power small to medium sized organizations, to the enterprise data centers that support American corporations and the server farms running cloud-computing services. Hosting thousands of servers and drawing megawatts of power, these cloud-scale data centers often consume massive amount of electricity to power the internet and different enterprise server applications. To mitigate the energy consumption, data center operators today are in need of advanced server and connectivity products, which possess the ability to deliver high performance, high density, and low power consumption. Applied Micro Circuits Corporation, a NASDAQ-listed fabless semiconductor company, proffers computing and connectivity solutions and develops IC chips, normally silicon, for the next-generation cloud infrastructure and data centers-providing relief to the companies in this space. The Santa Clara, CA firm delivers a broad array of embedded computing and connectivity products, the flag ship product being the X-Gene.

Applied Micro became the first-ever company to implement the ARMv8-A architecture with its X-Gene Platform. The brainchild behind the X-Gene initiative was by Dr. Paramesh Gopi, CEO and President, Applied Micro, which is focused to design network and embedded Power Architecture, and server processor ARM, optical transport and storage solutions with a greater success rate. X-Gene is an ARM 64-bit Server-on-a-Chip solution that includes enterprise class high performance Cloud Processor cores, coupled with switch fabric and high-speed networking capabilities.

The X-Gene Family also consists of X-C1Server Development Platform, a full server system solution that is built on a hardware reference design and software development kit, including both open source software and other software from market vendors such as Canonical and Citrix. The platform represents a completely new, grounds up server processor architecture tailored for the emerging growth of cloud computing and next-generation data centers. X-C1's uniqueness lies in its ability to bring together an advanced64-bit ARM architecture with network and storage offload engines, as well as integrated Ethernet, to deliver the highest performance, lowest TCO for private cloud, public cloud, and enterprise applications for its clients.

Whether it is about delivering brawny cores, high-speed connectivity, carrier-grade reliability, packing more retrieve and-compute capability in an existing data center footprint, or lowering power and operating costs, X-Gene and X-Weave do it all. Therefore, X-Weave products are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of public cloud, private cloud, and enterprise data centers. With its unique multiprotocol feature set and high density, low power footprint, the X-Weave product family has the ability address the high growth, billion-dollar-plus data center connectivity market, as it supports 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps of connectivity with integrated analog I/O for a variety of optical and copper connectivity interfaces. Leveraging X-Weave solution users can span rack and cluster connectivity within the data center and seamlessly extend to connect multiple data centers together over DWDM optical links.

After launching the second generation of X-Gene, X-Gene2 in 2014, built on 28-nanometer process featuring scale out to 100Gbps connectivity, Applied Micro is all set to develop a third generation of the product, X-Gene 3, which supposedly will be fabricated using advanced Fin FET process.

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