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June - 2011 - issue > Management

An Organization is all about its people

Niranjan Neelamangalam
Thursday, June 9, 2011
Niranjan Neelamangalam
In today’s dynamic corporate scenario, the concepts of human capital and creating a talent pool have created their own backyard and have grown to become the backbone of organizations. Businesses are operating in an ever-changing economy and are in a constant need of skilled workforce.

Economic trends such as globalization and recent challenges in the recruitment and retention of talent have prompted many organizations to seek and adopt creative hiring and talent management strategies. With increasing local and global competition for high caliber professionals, organizations need to look beyond the standard cookie cutter method of human resources development.

Hiring, training and retention of human capital are the key challenges faced by organizations today. Organizations today are focused on leveraging new technologies, new markets and high end workforce and therefore arise opportunities for HR to play a completely different role than what they have been doing traditionally. Social media in combination with some of the traditional hiring practices has proven to be an efficient tool in identifying potential resources. However, what might work for one company will not fit well with another, so organizations need to find what works best for them by leveraging on the right platform.

For Aditi Technologies, social media has played a fantastic role in multiple arenas of attracting prospective employees. The company started with crude methods and is now moving to more defined usage of the social networks to suit its requirements.

Some of the key challenges the industry has to address today include quality and employability of talent, retaining them, leveraging foundation skills and benchmarking the entry level resources. There is no doubt that hiring quality people is a challenge. But the challenge is also to keep hiring costs to a minimum by utilizing the most effective and expedient staffing options possible.

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