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SRIT: Taking the Centre Stage at the Technology Renaissance

si Team
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
si Team
With current economy and advent of healthcare reform, coupled with drought of secondary & speciality care physicians especially in semi-urban and rural areas, drastic changes are afoot in Indian healthcare payment and care delivery. As this renaissance brings bushel of opportunities for innovative companies that are focused on delivering value to its customers, SRIT, one such company, is taking the center stage.

Every time one visits SRIT, it is apparent that the company is passionate about creating a smarter healthcare system that embraces both electronic health & mobile health, in which the hospital/clinic and the citizen benefits; eventually leading to improving population health. While SRIT's illustrious Electronic Health Record happens to be just a small component of its end-to-end solution suite, the company is seen building ambulatory solutions that connect to the outside world & the hospital systems. Also working on components for Health Exchange and solutions around interoperability, SRIT seem to have built a communication portal for working around the data intelligence, and targeted towards servicing communities of health, to solve community issues.

Renaissance - Next Generation eHealth & mHealth Solution

The collective power of SRIT's eHealth platforms and solutions will enable physicians, leaders, citizens and patients in all types of communities to create a smarter healthcare system where everyone benefits. SRIT's P. Manish who heads their healthcare SBU says, "As healthcare rapidly evolves, SRIT is committed to endow providers with powerful tools that help to navigate change successfully. Our Renaissance HealthCare Enterprise System (RHES) has begun realizing our common minimum goal of assessing, sharing and applying decision-making information. This is one of our many visions, when we set out to create our smarter healthcare system". Pushing for meaningful changes in healthcare management, SRIT takes pride in being all about transformation and inculcating innovation at all levels. It offers the market's most open platform, and its advanced application programming interface allows innovation.

Dr. Madhu Nambiar (CEO) doesn't believe that his competitors come from within his direct market. Though Dr. Nambiar did not want to be drawn into such discussions, Director Krishna Kumar was candid and elaborated the rationale, "The IMH hospitals group and Sunrise Hospitals Group engaged KPMG to evaluate six competing HIMS vendors. After thorough comparison of technology and technical merits, RHES got chosen. Within two months of its implementation, IMH-UAE won two prestigious awards from State Health Authorities for the hospitals' end-to-end process automation, and for Digitized Healthcare System. Thereafter, in consortium with SRIT, KPMG bid the eHealth system for the State of West Bengal and won (for this program, SRIT & KPMG have staffed about 175 technical and functional specialists)".

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