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Nuevora: Presenting Fastest Route to Monetize Big Data by Disrupting Existing Business Models

Susila Govindaraj
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Susila Govindaraj
The evolution of Big Data and analytics has changed the way business decisions were made. Today, a fraction of delay in decision making may push you years back leaving you helpless to decide on your next step. The fast moving technology has already brought things on our finger tips. Though it has more to offer, the power of Big Data has been limited by the barriers of complexity, consumerization and continuity that it can't seem to blast out of. Because the superfluous volume, velocity and variety of the complex Big Data is too overwhelming for human talents alone to solve in a desirable manner with scale and speed, which leads to the next challenge of Consumerization.

Just like the consumer world, organizations are seeking specific solutions for particular problems at finger tips, but with one imperative additional requirement: interconnection. To make much more informed decisions, organizations need the insights derived across every business process (customer lifecycle, supply chain or inventory optimization process) to complement each other. Yesterday's predictions are no good for today. As your competitors are incessantly introducing new products & promotions and consumers expectations are constantly evolving, the analytics that your business depends upon should also be adaptive at the same pace, capable of deep learning powered by machine learning. Hence you need to enable a continual loop that would bestow you with the latest and greatest predictions at any point of time. Merely throwing bodies at the complexities of Big Data and analytics is not a smart route, as it doesn't unfurl the mega analytics driven innovation opportunities.

Translating Data into Value by Unlocking the Codes

Understanding that these factors are too intricate for machines to contextualize and too overwhelming for human talents to handle, Nuevora Analytics Technologies is pioneering a platform-driven analytics business model with optimized blend of technology and talent to produce the 3Ss - Smartest of the analytics and the best of the Scale at the fastest of the Speed. The company demystifies the complexity of big data & analytics by enabling Consumerization to derive maximum value. To top it off, the global delivery model of this Silicon-Valley company with its Hyderabad, India based CoE enables clients to relish this model to monetizing analytics in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Though plentiful of data crunching is happening globally, there is a humungous flaw in the market devoid of well-employed talent pool that can contextualize the data& analytics. On the other hand, organizations are investing a dismal amount of money in data scientists every month, yet fail to obtain expected value. Even if the data scientists are vendor managed, organizations still have to invest its people at certain proportion in order to ensure that they are getting the right work throughput from vendor's people. While the in-house analytics teams lack expertise, the extremely expensive management consultant firms fail to provide scalability and sustainability. Hence eventually, it transpires into a cost, productivity, innovation and management problem.

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