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Yahoo! Open Hack Day

Vimali Swamy
Thursday, November 1, 2007
Vimali Swamy
About 100 ‘techies’ were scattered around the massive and eloquently carpeted hall in a five star hotel, either sitting or sprawled on yellow and purple beanbags, clutching and typing away on the laptops in all stages of wakefulness. This was the scenario at the Hack Day organized by Yahoo!

Yahoo! India R&D conducted the Yahoo! Open Hack Day in Bangalore on October 5-6 and David Filo, Co-Founder and Chief, Yahoo!, Bradley Horowitz, VP, Yahoo! Product Strategy Group, and few other executives flew in from the U.S. to be a part of the event and cheer the participants.

Promoting innovation amongst the ‘techies’, Yahoo! Open Hack Day saw more than 100 participants who came together and took up the challenge of developing something creative in 24 hours using Yahoo! application programming interfaces (APIs).

If the participants (hackers) thought the challenge was to trigger innovation in 24 hours, they were taken for a toss when it was announced that they just had 90 seconds to present and give a demo of their creation.

Armed with laptops, WiFi, and Yahoo! APIs, hackers worked on their creations, after being briefed about the rules and regulations and the Yahoo! APIs, which were at their disposal.

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