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Wirkle, Carving a Niche in Mobile Software Development

Hari Anil
Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Hari Anil
Mobile phones are becoming much more powerful in their capabilities and higher data connectivity; the data based mobile applications that allow users to do various things on the go are proliferating. Mobile applications are seeing an increased push in the consumer as well as in the enterprise segment. Blackberry, iPhone and android based phones are leading the market now. While blackberry continues to be the dominant player in the enterprise segment, iPhone and Android are dominating the consumer segment with a wide range of mobile apps available via their app stores. Taking advantage of this fast growing market is Wirkle Technologies, a software development company with specific expertise in building mobile applications and solutions across the various handset platforms, across various wireless operators, across geographies as well as across various client server technologies. The company’s unique proposition is its focus on mobile and the great track record it has as a company in this space with multiple applications on various app stores of blackberry, android and iPhone.

Started in 2004 by Varun Khurana, Sunil Goyal and Lomesh Dutta to develop a platform to optimize the web and bring it to the mobile, it initially began as product development company but entered the services segment in 2006. Today, they provide services ranging from social networking, instant messaging, location based services, multimedia streaming, banking, enterprise applications, payments to barcode scanning and many more. With an impressive list of big platforms like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile for whom they develop applications, this Delhi based company has carved a niche for itself. Using their patented technology frameworks they provide low cost and high quality offerings with lesser time to market.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the number of downloaded apps is expected to grow from 10.9 billion worldwide this year to 76.9 billion in 2014. That will translate into mobile app revenues surpassing $35 billion in 2014, which shows the exponential growth phase this market is going through. This gives a huge opportunity for mobile application and solution development companies like Wirkle. “While almost every software services company today is seeing mobile becoming more and more relevant, not all have been able to pick it up as a serious practice. For the bigger companies it is too small to be a focus area at this time and for the smaller ones, it is hard to demonstrate it without a track record. This puts us in a sweet spot.” says Varun Khurana, Co-founder and CEO, Wirkle Technologies.

The company tremendously values its employees and considers them as its greatest strength. “We strive to create a culture where people are passionate about what they do, to have fun and treat others with dignity.” says Khurana.

While mobile is an upcoming area, it also comes with many challenges. Mobile projects can mislead a company in a direction when they are working on a lot of small projects which do not justify the process overhead, have lower margins and don’t result in continuous revenue. To challenge this Wirkle have is now focusing only on bigger, longer term projects that would result in repeat business. The company also seems to have big plans for the future. “Mobile continues to grow as a business / consumer need and we are one of the leading companies in India in this space and aim to be at the forefront of this, as it continues to grow over the next couple of years.” says Khurana.
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