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Will Windows 7 Save the Reputation of Microsoft's OS Business?

Zoya Anna Thomas
Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Zoya Anna Thomas
Microsoft finally released the much hyped and awaited Windows 7 Operating System on October 22 2009. Though the tech community with the first impression has showered rave reviews on the OS, it is yet to be confirmed whether the initial euphoria was caused by the frustrated Vista experience or the yearn to move beyond the XP. However, one must not forget that a lot of pre-release hype also contributed to the rave reviews that the newly launched OS has been receiving. And indeed, riding on this pre-created hype, Windows 7 managed to cross Vista sales within the first eight hours of its launch. In fact, its pre-order booking on Amazon even crossed previously held record by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So can Windows 7 save the tarnished image of the Vista?

It was during the early months of 2008 that Microsoft began stoking the hype for Windows 7. First, the software giant told the blogosphere that it would launch its new operating system on 27 October. Later, it launched an ‘Engineers Windows 7’ blog providing tit bit details about the OS. Further, it invited developers for a pre-release communication on Windows 7 at the Professional Developers Conference and the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference a week later.

This year, Microsoft started out with a strategy that has been commonly used by Amway and Tupperware sellers for long: asking people to hold house parties to showcase its products. For the first time, Microsoft offered interested people around the world to organize house parties to showcase the OS, the incentive being a free Windows 7 Signature Edition. In addition, a video advertisement of the Windows 7 launch party, featuring a group of people in the kitchen explaining the concept of the party, was designed and released as a marketing effort. Although some scoffed at this concept, the strategy worked as many hosts reported that their parties were a big success.

A Right Timed Launch

The Windows 7 launch was much required to put an end to Microsoft’s long operating system (OS) nightmare. For Microsoft, releasing a faster and better operating system than the little appreciated Windows Vista, which did a lot to harm the company's reputation, would be the best way to move forward and forget its infamous vista episode.

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