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Why Are Companies So Keen To Provide Mobile Apps To Customers?

Vandana Subramanian
Thursday, September 8, 2011
Vandana Subramanian
The massive increase in the demand of mobile apps has led to a windfall for the mobile application development companies. Every business today wants to cash in on this crazy demand for mobile apps as it is quick a way to promote their businesses. Small business, especially are relying increasingly on the mobile apps, as it helps them improve their operational control and in the long run would enhance the growth of their business.

Vogue, BTIS (Bangalore Transport Information System) or Tata Sky, you name it and they are emerging on the app forefront. These companies are coming up with new and innovative ideas, which not only appeal to the users, but also engross them with their usability.

Studies indicate that mobile apps are a staple diet of many people, who wake up with one app, and use numerous apps before going to sleep. The official figures by Google announced the Android market stands at 200,000 apps; while Apple's App store has reached 500,000 and still counting. A study by Nielson has revealed that games are the most downloaded app, followed by utility apps like news, navigation/search, and social networking.

As for the customers, they get the information about the desired product or service at their finger tips, which can be accessed any time, and in some cases is customized to their needs. Users rely on the mobile apps more than the internet, since they can get access to it any time. This enables the companies to come up with more apps, which can garner more users.

The time spent on mobile apps has surpassed the time spent on web browsing by 7 minutes, as of July 2011. The average user now spends nine percent more time using mobile apps, than using the internet. So what is it that drives these companies to develop mobile apps? Majority of such apps are free, which implies that the companies are not driven by monetary temptations. The main motive behind developing mobile apps for customers is to create an impression on the customer's mind, to increase the customer-base, the increase the customer-loyalty and to generate leads.

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