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Where is the money in Mobile Apps?

Sunil Gupta
AVP-Head: Technology Partnership Business -Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd
Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Sunil Gupta
Headquartered in Bangalore, Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a software company known for its software for vouchers, financial statements, and taxation in many industries.

The Google Play store crossed 25 billion downloads, some months ago. Apple, with only seven percent of the smart phone market boasts impressive figures as well. Everyone, who is anyone, is buying a smart phone. And everyone with a smart phone is downloading apps.

It may not be an exaggeration to say that people buy a specific mobile operating system based on the apps available for that phone. Companies like Microsoft are reportedly paying app developers to develop and list apps on their app stores. Money is to be made by platform companies (read Android, Windows, IOS...) and Internet Service Providers. Mobile companies will do what it takes to make their platform 'sticky'. In the platform wars it was not the superiority of the platform that won – it was what could be done with one. The winner did a better job of the 'whole stack', not just the core technology.

Organisations are facing pressures to have apps because mobile is the 'space to be in'. Every developer wants to get onto the bandwagon and develop on the mobile. Mobile development tutorials, books & tools remind me of the dot-com era, before the great bust. I wonder if the app world is building itself a bubble.

India as the fastest growing app market

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2:As you rightly said people look at the number of downloads and not the revenue earned, if one has developed a Game app and has thousands of downloads, by seeing this numbers the other developer thinks of developing a Game app rather thinking of developing a unique app.. a very nice an unique thought for App developers
Posted by: Mohammed Shabir - 07th Feb 2013
3:I would like to appreciate the great thought - specially the solution part. We mostly come up with rampant problems and forget to address the same with suggestion or a solution. The indepth detailing of each problem brings more attention from the reader. Very well crafted!!
Posted by: priyesh sethi - 05th Feb 2013
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