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Wednesday Brand Solutions: Connecting Brands & Clients through Technology-Friendly, Yet Affordable Event Management Solutions

si Team
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
si Team
With the steep increase in the number of companies turning their heads towards making events an integral part of their own, the event management industry, unsurprisingly, has metamorphosed into one of the fastest growing professions today. However, amongst the mind-boggling number of the event management professionals, it becomes challenging to partner with a perfect companion who mirror the meticulous mind of a creative agency, strategic hands that help companies to gain competitive edge and not to mention, a cost-effective platform. Wednesday Brand Solutions, a finest event management firm, stays ahead of the game by creating such experiences through its innovative, yet affordable solutions. Born with a vision to orchestrate the unorganized industry, Wednesday has emanated to be amongst the brands to reckon on in the space.

The Differentiated Algorithms

Unlike other players in the industry who confine themselves within their own terrain, the three-year young organization has stationed separate representatives for different states, who work toward filling flesh to its vision of nationalizing services. Infusing its rich arsenal of more than 80 years of combined experience, the company takes a greater pride in its technology-driven innovations which include vast projection methods, virtual reality, gaming, mobile app integrations, augmented reality and many more, which in turn has added more value to the company.

A perfect exemplary to such innovation is its in-house enterprise mobile app named Wedo. The app, with its employee and client dashboards, endows clients with an access to first-hand view of their investment by reaping in the real-time updates of all events and promotions, which are uploaded by the Wednesday staff. Echoing in the similar sentiments, Anupam Oberoi, Managing Director, Wednesday, proclaims, "Since our clients can't always attend these events in person, we've come up with a revolutionary way to bring them along with us. Through regular alerts, the team will be reminded to upload new pictures on an incremental basis, providing a real-time feed to clients on the other end'. According to him, the app, not only amplifies the effectiveness, but also injects the much-needed transparency in each of their endeavour.

Apart from this revolutionary platform, Wednesday has also carved a niche in the areas of exhibitions, promotions and digital marketing. Through its experiential marketing proficiencies, the team of specialists don the cap of brand ambassador of its clients by helping them to lucratively meet the objectives of their needs and establishes a long-term bond between brands and their audiences. The crew's continuous research on behavioural trends and technologies equips them to push the brands to the pinnacle of success, while their extensive experience with social platforms and online advertising make the companies socially sound. Be it a concert or a business conference, each event relishes the bliss of the individual attention of the professionals who strive towards making the event a memory to cherish.

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