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Ways of Life for a Successful Entrepreneurial Journey

Vishal Sharma
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Vishal Sharma
As the business dynamics have been rapidly changing, especially since last 15 years, the risks, challenges and the mitigations have also taken a new shape & form. The world today has become flat & thus, a local business can suddenly face the heat of competition from thousands of miles away. The digitization has enabled the businesses to expand with a click of button and this has also given rise to the challenge of entering wrong markets. I can broadly list 10 major challenges which the startups are facing in the current business ecosystem.

• Identifying the real problem statement to start a business and not the symptoms alone.
• Building the right team.
• Building a scalable model
• Raising just the right money against right valuation by right investors
• Following innovative model or adoptive model
• Developing robust business model
• Execution
• Cash Flow Management

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