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Waybeo: Co-creating Values to Human Lives

ST Team
Wednesday, July 6, 2011
ST Team
Everyone has dreams; the courage to follow those dreams is the factor that makes some special than others. Seven professionals from varied backgrounds came together to do something special, to follow their dream, the dream to create a global product brand from India, and Waybeo was born. Waybeo Technology Solutions, founded in 2009 and incubated in Trivandrum Technopark, is an IT services and consulting company. It was founded by a team of young entrepreneurs — AP Bushairusalam, Shiv Shankar MS, Krishnan R V Iyer, Bijoy B S, Nithun K V, and Manu Dev.

Though started by a bunch of friends, the company follows a very well knit organizational structure and has a well defined hierarchy model. “Whenever we take a decision we always follow the policies, procedures and do it in a matured way. Even though are friend, inside the organization we flow a clear hierarchy and a clear process,” says Bushairusalam, CEO of the company. The passion to grow an international business out of India and 100 percent commitment to this goal is another thing all the founders have in common.

They saw that it is a challenge for enterprises to facilitate the person-to-person interaction with potential customers who visit the websites and watch print advertisements at the point of time when the interest in the product or service has been aroused. The realization that most of the existing products are substandard and were not providing necessary customer satisfaction tempted the team to go ahead and take up this challenge. Waybeo thus came up with its solution, BounzD, to help the customer acquisition team of enterprises to acquire the leads when the customers are still interested in their products, says MS Shiv Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer who is responsible for the branding and marketing of BounzD in global market. BounzD has already gathered positive review from the market with more than 279 users and hundreds of potential and interested customers in hand. “Next generation companies will only be able to sustain through the cooperation with their customers. We also developed and fine tuned this product with the help of our customers and keeping in mind how this is going to help their end customers,” says Bushairusalam. The company is also in the initial stage of negotiation with many companies including nine Fortune 1000 companies.

As a company founded by youngsters who set out to make a difference and to follow their dreams, Waybeo knows the importance of dreams, of both their employees and customers, and has set ‘respecting dream’ as one of their core values. Other values that the company embraces include creating intellectual independence, passion for excellence, setting new milestones, and honesty and integrity. Pioneering in co-creating values to human lives through innovative technology solutions remains as the vision of Waybeo. The company values their employees highly and has gives utmost priority to make sure they feel at home in the company. The 22 member strong company sports flexible working hours and makes sure all the employees are growing along with the company. The company also gives much emphasis on integrity and ownership among their employees, and considers these as two of the most important qualities needed to be part of the organization.

Waybeo has set the target of becoming a Rs. 100 crore worth company by 2016. With the innovative product that they have and the discipline and organizational culture they follow, this looks like a rather humble target.

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