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Sarath Syam
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Sarath Syam
As senior professionals in the corporate circle and parents of twins, Atul Tyagi and his wife Preeti Tyagi, easily understood the needs of working parents when they founded WOW KIDS, a Goa-based preschool chain, in 2014. However, they also had an idea of how to turn high quality Preschool experience into a profitable business, generally considered impossible given the cost of proper staffing, infrastructure and equipments. Today, WOW Kids is one of the fastest growing preschool chains in the India with over 17 centres across the country in first few months of launch and they offer women in the country a hassle free way to become entrepreneurs.

Darshana Naik was working in Goa 365, a 24x7-news channel, as subeditor when she had her first child. "Three months after joining WOW KIDS, her daughter Itcha was showing tremendous improvement and she was more active and creative in everything that she did. It was a wakeup call for us and we started thinking of having our own preschool, but we were apprehensive, as we never had any business background or even our families were never into any kinds of businesses before," says Darshana.

"Taking a preschool franchise was a big move for us. We went through all the permutations and combinations to find the best available option and in every aspects WOW KIDS emerged as winner for us. Indeed, we were very confident in their quality of education, because, Itcha was right in front us as an example," says Darshana. On October 2015,Darshana started WOW KIDS, and today, with more than 40 KIDS, Darshana is one of a growing number of female entrepreneurs in the extended family of WOW KIDS, many of whom have benefited from the WOW KIDS franchise model that gives assistance, whether marketing or in training and skills development to female business makers.

Something similar is the story of Mrs and Mrs Baker a Chennai, Tamil Nadu Based couple. "We always wanted to become an entrepreneur and went with WOW KIDS as they were unique and had the right intentions of making the franchise successful. Today in less than 3 months of launch, our preschool is thriving and we are very happy with the support from WOW KIDS."

Mrs Chandini Radhani of Ahmedabad, Gujarat had been wanting to start her own business and was struggling to find a franchise model which is transparent and yet world class. She says, "All curiosity of taking a preschool franchise of a new brand ended when my preschool was set up and we were trained to start the preschool. Visitors are highly impressed with our infrastructure and in no time we have manged to create a buzz in the market. I am extremely delighted with my decision to take wow KIDS as a preschool Franchise."

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