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Vasista: A New-Age Enterprise Mobility Talisman for agri supply-chains & SMEs

si Team
Thursday, March 31, 2016
si Team
With the trend of 'going online' turning into a thing of the past, incorporating the mobile strategy is fast becoming a mainstream reality in the business ecosystem. Not only the biggies,but the vogue also seems to have seized the interests of small organizations, helping them to grab the bigger piece of the cake. But, rewinding few years, the scenario was not as conducive as today. Due to its skyrocketing expenses, mobility was considered a sheer luxury of only corporate honchos, leaving agri supply-chains and SMEs a mile behind to come under the new normal's limelight. Thus, to break the long-established norm and propel those agri-chains & SMEs to relish the delights of a simple, efficient, cost-effective and an agile business, Vasista Enterprise Solution - a Hyderabad-based consulting firm - stepped in with its revolutionary breed of cloud-based ERP systems.

Founded in 2010 by new-age cohorts - HariVarma and Krishna Varma, Vasista has been consistently filling flesh to its objective of aiding agri-chains and SMEs with disruptive technologies. Built with the founders' significant experience in serving the Mobility domain, the venture has evolved into a pioneer and a reliable entity to reckon on. Powered by the home-grown, 65 people strong technical and functional team that ensures security, comfort and faster turnaround time of the processes, the firm imparts best practices through its endeavors and partners with subject-matter experts to provide end-to-end and customized solutions to its customers.

A yet another name that mirrors such path-breaking products, Milkosoft was launched early 2012 and is already a preferred name in Indian Dairy Industry. Developed jointly by Vasista Enterprise Solutions and Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Co-operative Federation (APDDCF), the first-of-its-kind integrated software marked a new benchmark in the industry by enabling a seamless process implementation throughout the milk processing and supply chain.Dexterous to support any other related systems or third-party integrations, the scalable platform provides a real-time visibility into the four foremost layers of the industry,procurement, milk factory, sales & distributions and food safety & quality control,with each of these modules supported by a mobile app and zero licensing cost. "Native mobile apps on top of Milkosoft has revolutionized the way various stakeholders like agents, suppliers and employees interact with the dairy company" adds Krishna, Co-Founder, Vasista.

Vasista's products are built out of their core ERP framework - Vbiz. While Milkosoft is Industry focused product, V-biz HR and V-biz Stores are other product verticals carved out of V-biz. The Software-as-a-Service model is architected to aid the agri-chains & SMEs.

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