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Using technology to Enhance the Classroom Environment

By Rajiv Bhalla
Wednesday, August 11, 2010
By Rajiv Bhalla
A vibrant education sector is fundamental for developing human capital within countries. With an active and transformative education policy and a supportive infrastructure, the development of a knowledge-based population can apply itself to sustained and equitable growth. For us to elevate the standard and the quality of education imparted today, it’s imperative we change our outlook and become more receptive to newer and better ways of imparting education.

Education today has moved out of the realm of the blackboard, classroom and conventional methods of teaching to a more intelligent, digitized and smarter way of imparting knowledge.

Technology today is truly an enabler for a better life and can be effectively put to use to impart better teaching and training.

From no computers and zero visual aids for teaching, many of our schools have come a long way. Most urban schools have computer labs, networked computers and a range of audio-visual aids. Now it’s time to take stock of what is happening around us, and how we should equip our schools to be better geared up to impart learning.

Schools today must adapt themselves to an environment which makes teaching more innovative and learning more fun. Incorporating technology into the curriculum at any level can greatly increase the effectiveness of teaching. In order to benefit fully from the range of technology available, its implementation must be all the more democratic and inclusive. The use of computers, software and online resources is common across all subjects and essential to effective learning, from research to the production of written work and multimedia projects.

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