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Understanding Web Apps at Siliconindia Web Apps Conference 2011

Akanksha Ravindran
Monday, April 4, 2011
Akanksha Ravindran
SiliconIndia organized the ‘WebApps 2011’- the Web Application Conference in Pune on Feb 26th. The conference brought together web developers, web designers, technology enthusiasts, innovators, vendors, and users.

The event kick started with the inaugural keynote on ‘Continuous Delivery’ by Ajey Gore, Head of Technology from Thoughtworks. Then moved on to more open source web application frameworks like ‘Ruby on Rails’, where Gautam Rege, Co-founder and Director, Josh Software spoke on how ‘Ruby on Rails’ has emerged as a the game changer for web application development. He said, “Ruby on Rails is an open source Ruby web framework that makes it easy to build web applications, deploy them and scale them. A lot of large web applications are built using plain machines that inter-operate via open-source libraries. Ruby has plenty of gems (the open source libraries) and a vibrant community and it is no wonder that it is being adopted rapidly by most web professionals.”

The sessions later covered the whole spectrum, right from development and deployment practices to scalability and performance tips to trends to bank on for wannabe entrepreneurs. A session om ‘SOA & Cloud - their Synergy’ was addressed by Shriranga S Mulay, V P Engineering from Net Magic Solutions, who spoke about how cloud scalability helps build scalable SOA infrastructure are like a match made in heaven. He also talked about the synergy between SOA and Cloud and how they complete each other, defining SOA conventionally and the myths associated with it.

IBM’s unique capability to build solutions across a broad array of software capabilities and industries, was exemplified through their session on "Performance engineering methodologies for WebApps" which was delivered by High Performance On Demand ( HIPOD) specialist Bharathraj B Keshavamurthy, Enterprise Solutions Performance Analyst, IBM India Software Labs. He said, ‘Performance engineering is the process by which software is tested and tuned with the intent of realizing the required performance. This process aims to optimize the most important application performance trait, user experience”.

The open atmosphere of the conference helped technology professionals and community members form an interesting dialogue amongst the web development community, showcasing some key web technologies. The event helped in fostering communication among the technical communities and also helped promote the understanding of new technologies. The event was sponsored by Big Rock, Techno point Multimedia and Josh
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