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Understand Your Need, Don't Follow Blindly

Anamika Sahu
Monday, April 4, 2016
Anamika Sahu
With enterprises waking up towards cloud, the industry reaching $127 billion by 2017 (as claimed by Global Industry Analyst, Inc.) does not seem a far off dream. Breaking the normal, SMEs have taken the front seat and are playing a prominent role in taking the industry to high numbers. Thanks to the cloud solution providers who have taken the thought seriously to tweak and make cloud available to this untouched segment.

The recent popularity that cloud services gained due to its convenience on demand remote storage, computation and being affordable are other reasons that are taking the industry to cloud nine. Companies now spend less on building infrastructure and on architecture and rather selects from the available options of private, public and hybrid cloud.

However, security and privacy concerns are among the top barriers standing in the way of wider adoption of cloud technologies. Adding to this is the new security threats that emerge with the adoption of new cloud technology, a lack of direct control over one's data or computation that demands new techniques for service providers' transparency and accountability. Hence it becomes important to marry your needs with such service providers that can help you overcome turbulences and grab higher RoI. Remember that a bad marriage will always lead to divorce that comes attached with its own side effects.

Speaking with various industry experts, vendors and buyers, we occasionally observe that people blindly follow others to opt for such services, which might prove futile on several occasions. Hence before opting for a cloud provider, it is essential to understand your own need, budget and the requirement for such technology. Also important is to know the vendor/service provider like the back of your hand to make no mistakes. Hence choose your vendors carefully.
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