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Trading with the Times

Tayloe Stansbury
Wednesday, May 3, 2006
Tayloe Stansbury
Product managers in India must move beyond their quaint thinking if they have to gain an edge in their career wherever they are. People who look after the products division are considered the brain behind the most successful companies. It is their ingenuity that they bring along, which helps companies to build better products, market it better and stay ahead in the market. However somehow, somewhere Indian managers seem to have lost out on various facets of team building. In the over two decade experience that I had gathered at various product companies like Xerox, Sun Microsystems, Borland and Ariba, I can say if you want to succeed as a product manager follow these six mantras.

1.Don’t stretch the techies too far.
2. Commercialization of product.
3. Ability to handle failed projects.
4. Functionality Vs Quality.
5. Team and market focus.
6. Keep pace with the organizatioal direction and the changing market place.

Don’t stretch the techies too far

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