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January - 2006 - issue > Cover Feature

Top 10 Innovators

si Team
Wednesday, December 28, 2005
si Team
The siliconindia Top 10 Innovators has been compiled by a panel of experts and Senior IT professionals from the tech field. We at siliconindia are confident that their work in transforming technology will have great impact on businesses and society of today and tomorrow.

Judges have gauged a nominee’s potential to make innovations in the field of IT. The selection was based on the individual’s innovation, which was judged on the following variables:
A Complexity of endeavor, and ingenuity.
B Scientific, technical or engineering awards received.
C Contribution to community, commercial application, or broader field of research.
D Creativity in innovation.

While compiling this list on these exciting young gung-ho professionals we learnt a lot. The foremost was that the technical school where one acquires specialized knowledge matters but not to the extent that one need have studied in a great engineering school or possess U.S. experience or have doctorate to be an innovator. Age also doesn’t matter. Some will start innovating right out of college. Some will gain domain skills and start innovating in the later part of their career. Your workplace, people you work with, your manager are all catalysts to spur the creative element. Maintaining touch with ever changing technology is sacrosanct for relevant innovation. Hence always looking at the big picture is appreciable rather than constraining oneself with assigned modules at work. A key quality that these admirable young men possessed was their humbleness.

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