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To serve with Innovation

V Ranganathan
Friday, September 1, 2006
V Ranganathan
It’s an age of stiff competition. The demand for right talent in the IT world is rocketing and to thrive, every techie should possess an unusual competence in discernment or perception. Every person does his job his own way. Innovation is the word that the techies of today need to focus on.

Innovation coupled with enhanced focus is the mantra for success. A pure definition for innovation can’t be provided. Nevertheless, it is the building block of all creations. Every object casts a shadow, but in the dark you can’t see it. Innovations sprout in the same manner. Place your ideas into the right kind of light and it would assume the right shape.

Even the most experienced techie, to whom all the tricks and pitfalls are second nature, loses concentration at his peril. For the inexperienced techie, all the more so. The slightest lapse of logic would invite trouble. Constant vigilance is the key.

Additionally, a techie should bear the right kind of attitude. Every individual has to emerge from self-indulgence and inculcate a moral obligation to the company they work for. Most techies today lack commitment. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. It is of utmost importance to be passionate and dedicated to one’s job.

A job is not all about a fat pay packet. A job educates you. It is an extension of the academic qualification one possesses. Being excited about the job one has, utilizing the opportunities lying forth are the hallmarks of a successful techie.

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