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Timeus Interactive Services: Comprehensive Communication Consultants Optimizing Customer's Business Resources

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Cutting through the 'noise' in today's complex online marketing landscape that is bombarded with numerous choices is not a cake walk. Through integration - the Holy Grail of marketing, connecting the dots at customer level, across channels, devices and owned & non-owned properties is hard, but not impossible. Well, not for Timeus Interactive Services anyway. The Delhi headquartered full-service communication consulting company intelligently sorts out WHERE and HOW to spend limited time and resources of businesses to meet customer's brand, marketing & reputation goals. Being strong believers of crafting 'Ideas that Build', Timeus acquires in-depth understanding of customer insights using engaging content and robust technologies across digital, mobile and social platforms.

In 2003, during dotcom bubble bust, Amitesh Roy went 'all in' and founded Timeus as web development agency; betting on his vision of providing quintessential services. By building long standing customer relationship, Amitesh not just evolved the company into full service communication consulting partner but spearheaded it to attain a whopping 25 percent year-on-year growth since 2009. Today, Timeus can boast of its broadened offerings across technology, healthcare, education, retail and other industries and 40 people strong team of graphic designers, communication strategists and technical engineers. However, the company feels its key achievement is its clientele including Microsoft, EMC, Juniper Networks, Omron India, Biocon Academy, HCL, SAP, Apollo Tyres, Wendy's Arabia, and others most of whom have stayed with Timeus since their engagement with the company. This clearly shows the trust customers have in Timeus' commitment towards timely delivery of quality services and helping them to achieve their long and short term goals.

Timeus offers comprehensive solutions including website development & management, audience-specific content generation, display advertising, SEM & SEO, marketing campaigns & loyalty programs, web & mobile applications and SMM & Management. Nonetheless, 'communication solutions' remain to be the core around which Timeus' business revolves, while web being its key player. Striving to deliver the best using online & offline mediums, Timeus has developed numerous customized applications on both web & mobile and built e-Commerce, intranets & several vital line of business applications. "Customer Engagement is not a one-off experience, it's an ongoing dialogue. Hence, to enable customers to derive maximum impact, we deliver an intelligent mix of creative content & design and robust, scalable & easy-to-use technologies," says Amitesh Roy, Founder & CEO, Timeus Interactive Services.

Timeus strongly believes that it's critical that everyone in the team stay up-to-date. While Timeus' business workers have sufficient technical skills, technical engineers speak business language. The company's internal training programs on upgrading digital skills and deep-dive knowledge sessions help employees to utilize new technologies and platforms. As part of reverse mentoring program, digital-savvy employees often act as mentors and methods such as gamification are used to drive up engagement levels and drive impact of training on behaviors.

The company has solid plans to scale up its operations across India and globally with focus on customer engagement and influencer marketing on online and mobile mediums. In 2015, Timeus aims to focus on bringing the effectiveness of digital platform to SMBs, while replicating its success stories from enterprise sector. Hence, Timeus will shortly launch a services package customized exclusively for SMBs. The company will keep building interactive services across industries, brands, experiences, channels and latest technologies combined with in-depth analytics, apace with ever-changing technologies & consumer behaviors.

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