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Time to take IPv6 Thoughtfully

Anil Pochiraju
Managing Director-F5 Networks
Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Anil Pochiraju
Today with the advent of 3G, increased smart phone adoption and new applications, we are witnessing the world reaching an exhaustion of IPv4 addresses. Cars, Tablet’s, GPRS systems as well as TV’s need an IP address, due to customers demanding seamless access to the internet. Growth of the internet, 4G, inefficient IPv4 allocation and use, are some of the other factors making the world to move to IPv6.

Moving to IPv6 is not instant, it is an evolutionary process. Organizations today are becoming increasingly aware of this fact and are realising the importance of moving to IPv6. IT organizations have postponed the inevitable transition to IPv6 as long as they possibly can. With IPv6 mobile devices flooding the markets, and many countries only able to obtain IPv6 addresses, the time to get serious about IPv6 has finally come. To ensure they can still communicate with customers, business partners, suppliers, and other business associates worldwide, organizations need to decide how best to incorporate IPv6 into their existing infrastructures so they're well positioned to capture emerging markets.

Based in Bangalore, Anil Pochiraju is the Managing Director of F5 Networks in India and SAARC also agrees that there is a major shift undergoing in the enterprise networks. He is responsible for overseeing the company's efforts in India. Pochiraju has vast experience in managing strategic major accounts and good track record for building and nurturing successful teams at F5. Prior to this role, he was with F5 sales and technology team focused on the West Coast of the U.S. for over 5 years. Pochiraju brings with him 17 years of experience working in various technology firms in the U.S. and India

In a candid chat with Pochiraju, we explore a major trend that is following the market in terms of network migration and explains how it is beneficial for organizations to migrate.

Current trends following IPv6 and its Migration

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