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Time to Build Information Superhighways

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Anamika Sahu
Reliance Jio took mid-2016 by storm, while Airtel 4G blanketed 2015. Simply stating, the 4G revolution is gulping the entire nation. However, there lies a huge crater within the telecom sector that needs to be filled before rolling out such major plans. The tussle between the companies is predominantly evitable on the faces of customers using these service providers. Call drop, network failure, disturbances during call and several more are quite common concerns that these companies should look to resolve. Without solving these concerns, it is not possible for the government to navigate the India growth story by building information superhighways.

Telecom service providers have huge numbers blocked as unutilized/waste/captive infrastructure that might have gone beyond their recall. However, by implementing a proper strategy to put a check of such captive wastes, these telecom services providers can join hands with telecom solutions companies. These solution providers will not only help bring the dead back to live, but will also help telecom service providers to utilize it to the utmost to extract maximum financial benefit and pass on these to the customers in the form of better service and lower cost.

India being one of the youngest nations of the world is one of the brightest markets for telecom service providers. But with the tussle that companies demonstrate, and the poor service consumers realize, transforming from a 2G to 3G seems difficult and 4G still remains a day dream for the young India. Understanding that a plethora of solutions providers float here and it might be difficult for companies to comprehend and find their best fit, we bring to you ‘20 Most Promising Telecom Solutions Companies - 2016’ in this current edition of siliconindia. Hope the issue serves its purpose.

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