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July - 2006 - issue > Sage Speak

Think. Make A Crucial Move

Chetan Bhangdia
Monday, July 3, 2006
Chetan Bhangdia
Every time you switch companies, you should know why you are doing so. Salary shouldn’t be the reason as it is unsustainable and doesn’t make sense after some time. If salary has been the reason for your decision, then you should think twice because it tends to be very volatile moving with a fluctuating market.

The first step in this direction is to map your profile. You should know where you are. There is a simple concept of profile dimension and the emphasis here is on the technical profile. You have the technology, tools, packages, platforms and domains that are important because even if you are a technical person; you need to understand them to develop a good application. And finally, the soft skills, communication, teamwork, collaborative networking and leadership, these are something that will take you from being good to being great. Once you have listed out the dimensions, find your stead amongst them. You have to classify yourself into different levels based on what you are doing, your functions, experience, knowledge and aptitude.

The next step is to discover your career vision and where you want to be. It’s an extremely challenging task, simple to say but difficult to follow. Major inputs at this stage would be your current technical profile as it is the starting point for your aptitude and passion, your personal goals and your needs. Over a long career path, all of these play a vital role in overall career growth.

Be passionate about what you do. Passions, when channeled properly, results in excellence. Balancing the difference between the current and desired profile is possible only with an action plan. This will occur only by polishing your current profile and skills.

Remember - you are pursuing a career and not just a job! And the career lasts for many years.

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