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Anamika Sahu
Friday, December 12, 2014
Anamika Sahu
It is no rocket science that globalization has brought a bigger subject to limelight ? International Law. While this has instigated the law industry to new heights globally, we see new law firms emerging each day offering specific services for patents, trademarks, designs and others. And with India becoming the potential hub for investors and foreign companies putting their feet here; mergers & acquisitions and expansion will be on the rise. The industry will be in dire need of such law firms and lawyers who don't just master the law but have technology and domain expertise and handle International Law with ease helping clients achieve their goals without any brake or hurdles.

This is where the real challenge lies ? finding the top notch lawyers and law firms that can help you take future steps safely and further you from baby steps to a more matured one giving you full swing to play while reducing the residue of risk. In this special edition on Legal Consultants, we are featuring 'Top 25 Legal Consultants of the Year' which might surely end your search for the best legal consultants and law firms and be the Movers & Shakers of your legal needs of the business.

In this edition, we also present to you the story of V-Soft Consulting Group under our cover story 'A True Partner For All Your IT Employment & Project Needs'. Under the leadership of Purna Veer, Co-Founder & President, V-Soft Consulting, the company is growing strong each day and achieving its goal to marry your IT Employment needs with the resource.

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Anamika Sahu
Managing Editor

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