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The Changing Prima Facie of Startup Work Culture

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Anamika Sahu
In their early days, startups juggle between various issues pertaining to kick start their business and do not get time to focus on one of the most important elements of the business � HR. The few who take up the HR issue is caught up more in tactical issues rather than strategic. And one cannot deny that the success of any startup depends largely on team members and team work. But caught up between the tussle of hiring and daily operations, few startups fail to provide the best environment for its employees to work at.

It is no more a rocket science that employees stick to a company when they are paid well, mentored, challenged, promoted, involved, appreciated, valued, empowered and trusted. And many startups have matured enough to offer most of these to its employees. This is why, the startup community has garnered huge respect among the experienced employees who are now willing to leave their cozy job and join a startup to achieve something bigger and better in their professional career. Freshers too have joined the bandwagon as they see huge career growth and a vast opportunity to learn. Startup also breaks the mundane clutter of monotonous KRA and offers innovative and open work environment to flourish.

Today, as professional growth and satisfaction is more than just monetary benefits, employees look in for attaining a perfect balance between work and life. Apart from these, training, personal growth & development, job security, role & learning, and several other factors play an important role in assessing whether to stay connected with the job or otherwise. Startups have realized this and adapted their work culture accordingly. On the other hand, women safety is given utmost priority as this is the need of the hour.

A perfect balance of experienced and freshers makes the work environment more gratifying, vibrant and lively. Outdoor and indoor activities, outings, lunches, family day, appraisals based on work performance rather than time oriented and several other small but important elements have gained their place in the HR activities. These steps have completely changed the prima facie of startup work culture and yes, the work is still under progress.

This is why, we have come up with our latest edition dedicated to the startups who offer one of the best work environment to the employees in our '50 Best Startups to Work For'. We are confident that we yet have to see several innovative HR initiatives unfolding. All the best to these startups!

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