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April - 2007 - issue > People Manager

The Wonder World of Performance Appraisals

C Mahalingam (Mali)
Friday, March 30, 2007
C Mahalingam (Mali)
It is appraisal time in most organizations! And it is characterized by rising temperatures, anxieties and apprehensions, hurried and half-hearted conversations and decisions around performance ratings that are not always accepted as resulting from fair and transparent processes.

Appraisal Review sessions are like going to a Dentist!
Have you ever seen anyone going to a dentist with a smiling face? Rarely ever. Appraisal review sessions in most organizations create the same level of anxiety (and enthusiasm) as going to a dentist. There is, however, one difference. When you go to a dentist, it is very clear as to who the patient is and who the doctor is. But when it comes to performance review sessions, both the appraisee-employee and the appraiser-manager behave like the patient; no smiles, anxiety writ large on the face of each one.

< b>Now, what is common between a Motorcycle and the Appraisal Process?
When you speak to HR folks and line managers about what happens to these appraisals that come through after anxious and animated discussions, the situation gets scarier. It reminds me of a billboard advertisement I saw many years ago of a then newly introduced motorcycle. The message was around how trouble-free and comfortable the bike was. The billboard read: “fill it, shut it and forget it!”

That is what happens to most of the appraisals, if employees are to be believed. The forms are filled out; they are then closed with some signatures and finally filed and forgotten. The motorcycle advertisement of yesteryears applies equally to the modern day appraisal process as well.

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