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The Next Era of Healthcare is "Home-based Healthcare"

R. Soundararajan
CIO-Dr. Batra’s Group
Friday, July 26, 2013
R. Soundararajan
Headquartered in Mumbai, Dr. Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Pvt. Ltd. is a Homeopathic Healthcare Corporate. The company today is a global chain of 54 clinics spread across 20 cities in India and abroad.

Healthcare sector is undergoing new advancements and reaching new highs associating itself with technology. The sector has to stay consumer-focused as everything depends on results and patient satisfaction. We will witness the widespread application of telemedicine and mobile-based healthcare solutions in the next few years. The next thing the industry should look at is clinical decision support systems and integration of medical devices to a central patient database. This will allow healthcare organizations to penetrate markets, have a wide-spread reach and yet keep expenditure less. It will make home-based healthcare more popular and acceptable as it will improve compliance and ensure treatment continuity while keeping the treatment quality intact.


Healthcare industry is highly dependent on consumers. Compliance, continuity of care and integrated communication between healthcare providers need to be established. What is fundamental is a common patient database that records the entire medical and treatment history, investigation records and referral notes. This database can be bridged with devices, communication portals and clinical decision support system. If we can achieve this, we can have the next big leap in treatment quality across the healthcare industry.

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