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The Mass Mobile Indian Internet - Largest Companies yet to be Born

Vikram Vaidyanathan, Director, Matrix Partners India
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Vikram Vaidyanathan, Director, Matrix Partners India
Matrix Partners India is an investment firm with INR 3,000 crore under management. The firm invests in companies targeting the Indian consumer market at the seed, early and early growth stages.

Almost no one contests that over the next 5-7 years there will be 250-300 new internet users in India, primarily experiencing and accessing the internet from their mobiles. We are at the beginning of the most exciting phase of the mobile Internet in India - the Internet is about to become both "Mass" and "Indian".

The best example of this that I can think of is when Indian satellite TV changed forever from people watching English shows like "Small Wonder" to "Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi" sending TRPs sky rocketing and starting a TV revolution. Mobile Internet entrepreneurs truly need to embrace the new user to be successful going forward.

Of course serving this new user means embracing a mass business model, acquire a LOT of users and each user will be worth a very small amount of money - daily, weekly, monthly. That's how most large mass businesses in India have been built.

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