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'The Internet of Things' and Home Automation

Avinash K Gautam
Vice President-Security & Automation-Silvan Innovation Labs
Friday, July 26, 2013
Avinash K Gautam
Incorporated in 2008, Silvan Innovation Labs is a solution provider for home automation and an emerging player in the security industry.

The Internet of Things (IOT) has been a buzzword for a while now, yet it still is a mystery to most. The Internet of Things does exactly what it says: connect ‘things’ through a network. It is essentially the interaction and exchange of data between machines and objects connected over the internet without human intervention.

From a home automation context, the IOT processes data to sense, command, and control, and decipher everything at home making life more safe, secure, comfortable and fun.
Almost every home now has smart devices other than a computer like smart phones, iPhones, or tablets. Apart from performing their inherent functions, these devices can also be used to control your home, even when you are away. As long as your device is connected to the internet you can use it to interact with all the gadgets, appliances making your home an active partner in your life. Basically the “connected things” communicate with each other and begin to work on their own without one acting as a messenger and telling them all the time what to do.

So how does this work?

IOT works with the help of two kinds of devices:

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