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TestingWhiz: Pioneering the Next Generation of Affordable Codeless Test Automation

Vignesh Anantharaj
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Vignesh Anantharaj
An agile approach is the need of the day whether in software development or software testing. Customersare demanding faster turnarounds with higher levels of reliability in software development. This puts pressure on the QA and software testing fraternity to respond faster to the increased testing requirements in an agile environment.

Shorter development cycles leave little time for comprehensive testing hampering the time to market and product quality. It becomes almost impossible for a tester to finish a round of regression tests whilst complying with agile timings. Hence, enterprises are on the constant lookout for testing technologies that provide intelligence and robust automation. The need of the hour is a QA test automation tool that is designed for rapid application testing.
Cygnet Infotech's testing suite, TestingWhiz, is the answer to the enterprises’ need for an affordable, yet effective testing solution. TestingWhiz is a result of years of software QA industry experience and hard work by the Cygnet team, led by Managing Director, Niraj Hutheesing and Executive Director, Tejinder Oberoi.

Making Test Automation Five Times Faster
Delving deep into test automation today reveals that the process is similar to software development rather than software testing. Test automation tools are typically plain record and playback tools which generate a back end code requiring programming skills to manipulate, fine tune and maintain. Maintenance of scripts proves cumbersome owing to longer test cycles with smaller test coverage. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that skilled programmers are more interested in coding rather than testing.With a test automation product that is ‘codeless’, TestingWhiz has taken the software testing automation industryto a whole new level.

The value is best explained by Cygnet’s Executive Director Tejinder Oberoi. “TestingWhiz generates back end code during recording like all other tools but abstracts the code into an intuitive grid UI which makes it easy to modify and change the test steps. All changes are again converted to back end code,” explains Oberoi.This unique process boasts of the capability to make test script creation and maintenance five times faster than regular test automation tools.

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