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July - 2007 - issue > Mobile Testing

Testing Service, the Keynote Way

Jaya Smitha Menon
Friday, June 27, 2008
Jaya Smitha Menon
If someone in Silicon Valley is building a mobile application for global deployment, how does he test the application on a Chinese network or for handsets in Japan? Imagine the complexity of testing applications and services covered such as SMS, MMS, WAP, Push to Talk, OTA Transactions, Instant Messaging, Streaming Video, and Java/BREW applications over multiple mobile data network. including GSM (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA) and CDMA (1xRTT, 1xEV-DO).

The scale of challenge is humungous. Developers know the obstacles involved in creating applications for dozens of mobile phones. Yet, buying or otherwise obtaining dozens or more handsets can be a daunting, if not impossible and cost-prohibitive, task especially when the desire is to build for as many carriers as possible.

That’s where Keynote Systems [Nasdaq: KEYN] comes in. Keynote is addressing the challenges of today’s complex and fast-moving mobile marketplace. “The wireless ecosystem presents challenges for content providers, application developers, network operators and device manufacturers. We want to take our solution to everyone in this value chain,” says Umang Gupta, CEO of Keynote Systems.

The company recently announced the build-out of the world’s largest globally distributed mobile test and measurement network for testing and monitoring of wireless content, applications, and services using both real and simulated mobile devices on live wireless networks. Keynote has a market-leading infrastructure of 2,400 measurement computers and mobile devices in over 240 locations around the world.

The new service offers testing and validation of mobile content in an interactive fashion for portals and content developers. It provides a library of over 800 agents and device profiles to perform testing across the wide range of devices, operating systems, screen sizes, memory, and processing capabilities in the mobile world. In order to perform live testing across different carrier wireless networks, Keynote is installing measurement devices in 20 locations around the world, including four in the United States. Initially, it will test over Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Cingular and T-Mobile networks.

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