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October - 2006 - issue > Company Profile

Technically Logical

Vidya Balakrishnan
Saturday, September 30, 2006
Vidya Balakrishnan
Ctrl Alt Del. Shut down your systems, step away from the monotony and let your hair down! A suggestion unlike any offered to IT employees, yet featuring as the drawing card at Telelogic India.

“Fun and passion form an integral part of the work culture here,” explains Sreehari Narasipur, Vice President-Product Development, Telelogic India. Winner of an HR excellence award for best employee motivation, Ctrl Alt Del is the coterie responsible for ‘engineering’ all this fun.

A monthly feat, the group takes charge of crafting a common platform for employees to network amongst themselves, over events like treasure hunt, ethnic day, Independence day, et al.

“Working in a high-pressure environment, it is very necessary at times to take a break, talk to other people and get away from the daily routine ,” says Narasipur.

Stacking it right
After all, servicing high-end needs of Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM) would pose as a high-pressured job. Requirements for managing the successive stages of a product lifecycle are getting more complex with the ever-evolving nature of technology. This is where Telelogic steps in.

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