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October - 2014 - Special issue > Top 5 Most Promising Business Process Integration Companies

TechDemocracy: Relishing IT Domain with Niche Techno-Functional Expertise

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
As the competitive pressure continues to speed up its pace, business process management (BPM) has moved substantially from a mere enabler of business to a business-must. Companies in the quest of enabling a better BPM continuously look out for a robust technical support and qualitative functional advice which in turn churn a business. What if you get both under one umbrella? This idea did not remain just as another thought, but became a seed for setting up TechDemocracy, an IT solutions and professional services firm. Incepted with a mission to furnish businesses a right blend of value added services and best industry practices, the 2000 born TechDemocracy also endeavors to devise IT realm with the one-of-its-kind techno-functional expertise.

As one of the early adopters of Oracle technologies, this Oracle Platinum Partner vests its strong focus on Oracle Fusion Middleware which besets key areas like identity management or identity governance, access management, service oriented architecture, content management and BI. The portfolio of the company also encompasses a well-equipped platform where the customers can easily architect, implement, integrate, upgrade or optimize their installation of the Oracle E-Business Suite. As a global IT expert consulting company, TechDemocracy is also a specialized partner that serves clients with advisory, implementation, managed services.

TechDemocracy moves beyond the frame of customization and delivers high-end intellectual properties over the solutions serviced from the OEMS. "We have 15 specialties intellectual properties out of which 60-70 percent is certified by OEMs like Oracle. But unlike those OEMs, our IPs moves one step further and delivers 360 degree solutions," avows Esesve Digumarthi, Director - Sales for AP,EMEA TechDemocracy. While the brand effectuates an ideal and cost-effective delivery process system to its clientele, it also devises their business with its high performing engineered systems that can be provided to the customers on an infrastructure-as-a-service platform, data center services, IT services or tech support services.

TechDemocracy believes in thinking ahead of the curve and every innovative solution of the company is backed by the deep-rooted implementation experiences and subject matter expertise of the high-profile team. The key management team, which is also on the product advisory board of Oracle, is not only the strength of pillar for TechDemocracy, but also is a sole source of knowledge for the whole employee base engaged in fueling their performance. The multiple internal and external workshops also ensure a better research & development of the company, while it also empowers the firm to be a fore-front runner on the technology front.

With presence in Asia pacific & EMEA Region, the company strives to drive better value and provide thought leadership to their customers. "We are here to ensure a wonderful customer employment, provide the right advice to the customers and to scale up the value added to the services and customers across all the geographies," concludes Esesve.
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