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Tata BSS: Metamorphosing into a High-End Digital CLM Consulting Firm

Susila Govindaraj
Monday, March 28, 2016
Susila Govindaraj
If I tell you that people nowadays buy houses worth crores online without much physical interaction, you probably wouldn't believe me without double checking the internet. This colossal digital disruption is also jolting the Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) industry and resetting the space afresh for everybody, regardless their size. As customer loyalty, impact and positive experience are outpacing product capability as the predominant differentiator, every enterprise dwelling in the CLM space has some footage to reap the heaps of opportunities cultivated by this disruption, depending on their speed, investments and the extent of risk they are willing to take.

Consuming a huge portion of this pie is TATA Business Support Services (TATA BSS). Having hopped on the digital bandwagon by successfully implementing a competent digital CLM team sooner than others, the Hyderabad headquartered CLM enterprise is racing to the zenith with a head start. Having the right fusion of IT services and BPO services, TATA BSS adapts to technologies, platforms or applications or even reengineers existing processes to administer a better customer brand experience. Meanwhile, the company focuses on customer experience, and not on just technology or process. "We focus on our client's business outcome in terms of growing their revenues, enhancing customer experience and enabling efficiency. We Simplify. This is the motto we live by," explains Raguram Gopalan (popular as Rags within the industry), SVP - Business Transformation Services, TATA BSS.

Digital Business Acceleration

While some organizations are more mature and seek niche solutions to enhance their productivity or customer engagement, others are looking for acceleration in their 'Brick to Click' journey for their digital adoption. TATA BSS handholds them, puts together the pieces of their strategy and helps them execute the same adeptly to bestow them with top dollars as RoI. The company's offering 'Digital in a Box' provides a set of solutions, tool kits, processes, platforms and people based intervention that actually reduces the time frame to adopt digital business. The company provides a seamless solution by stitching together multiple offerings such as Omni Channel Services, Automation of Customer's field force &integration of digital delivery across the organization, Adoption of Cloud based CRM from the legacy system, Integration of digital wallet, Social dash-boarding & intelligence, organizational reputation management, and BI& analytics.

While independent implementation of these platforms would typically take 18-24 months, TATA BSS can effectively accomplish all this within 4-6 months. Resultantly, clients attain a faster time to market, quicker adoption and a competent team to help the customer with re-engineered processes and people skills. Noting that these initiatives are backed by a brand like TATA, the value proposition becomes unmatched. Let me explain the rationale behind this value proposition with a case study. For one of its clients operating out of 16 locations nationwide, TATA BSS invested in building an all India backbone infrastructure with a real-time switch. If there is an excess volume flow in the first location, it automatically and dynamically carries out a load balance and shift to the second best location, where there is someone available to take the call. All this is done seamlessly within a matter of seconds with a virtual network of 4000 people spread all over the geography exclusively helping that client. In addition to voice, the impressed client opted for email, chat & social media support, all of which got looped into this network, using the same principle with vernacular language support in English, Hindi and dozen other languages, in different time zones, and so on.

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