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Switching Tracks

Sandeep Ray
Wednesday, May 3, 2006
Sandeep Ray
For the years that I have been in the industry, I have witnessed professionals moving from one job to another or from one position to another as part of career advancement, better opportunities, geographical location and myriad other reasons. However I notice that these instances have become very frequent of late.

What really is driving this? Is it the fast changing world order, swarm of opportunities, a wired world, and globalization of almost everything in sight or growing impatience? Is the world really becoming FLAT?

At an individual level and without attempting to be anywhere close to Thomas Friedman, I think it’s a combination of three important factors- circumstances, conscious efforts and future prospects. While there can be many more factors that one considers while switching jobs, I personally think that these three aforementioned factors shape up such a decision.

Circumstances or external triggers such as the tech melt down or the preceding boom, 9/11 , growing trend of offshoring etc is probably what comes first for a vast majority. Today, India unquestionably is riding high on one such trigger.

The gift of plenty does bring a problem – a problem of choosing the right one among any options and a willingness to spend time and effort. A well thought out conscious effort.
It is not a function of time, the number of years one has been working but purely an urge to change for the better. Needless to mention if one is already in a position of choice, such an urge would be nonexistent.

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