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Stay Positive, Grow

Rangarajan Narasimhan
Saturday, July 1, 2006
Rangarajan Narasimhan
Do you have self-confidence, the ability to look ahead, stay positive at all times, and ready to do all that you can! You have the basic qualities that will help you not only ascend your career ladder but also will help you to be a successful person in whatever you do.

To have self-confidence is to first have faith in your abilities, ascertain them and add to them constantly. You need to believe that what you achieve or fail to achieve lies very much within your ability and not influenced by anything outside of you. You need to possess the courage and be free from the fear of success or that of failure.

You also need to have the ability to look ahead. You should not allow misleading concepts to deter your progress. Remember that the elephant tied to a rope believing that it cannot break free of it even when it has outgrown the rope will always be tied up.
Ability to stay positive, particularly when you are challenged is a very important quality that you should possess. Remember, most of these are within you, possibly untapped and you just have to realize that you have these qualities and believe in them. Treat positive and negative information alike. Do not ignore negatives and do not be over confident with the positives. Striking a balance at all times is the key to convert your failures into success.

Do all that you can and do a bit more. Understand your role in the team, and keep the goal that the team should succeed ahead of your personal success. Create an environment that you like and other’s would too and enjoy your work. Never lose sight of the big picture and keep striving.

Whenever I think of growth and teamwork, the tiniest creature – ANT – comes to my mind and amazes me of its unparalleled teamwork and its ability to WIN over as one big team. They possess all the qualities that are required to become successful, and they do it to perfection every single day.
Ants never quit: nothing what so ever will stop them if they have decided to head somewhere. They will find a way out of any obstacle, by climbing over, climbing under or going around it. They never lose their end goal from their sight.

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