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Startup of the Year - 2015

si Team
Sunday, December 6, 2015
si Team
Indian startups have travelled a long way from being the back-stage errand officials for foreign organizations, to being the forerunners in the technology revolution; owing to the increasingly vibrant startup ecosystem fostering young businesses. Startups have been pioneering unique solutions not just to bridge the existing gaps, but to invent new marketplaces that would solve real-life issues in Indian society, instead of just taking 'inspiration' from developed countries; thereby fertilizing the Indian economy. Besides Indian VC firms, global VC firms are also shedding the spotlight on Indian startups, causing the advent of remunerative startups, who are lucrative enough to acquire other startups.

Everything has fallen in place for local tech startups with the influx of ambitious youths with entrepreneurial spirit (over 72 percent below 35 years old), rising number of incubators (escalating at 40 percent) helping them make right decisions, increasing number of investors and intensifying attention of the government. Not to boast, but the platforms that encourage startups by sharing their success stories and recognizing their prowess with awards have also been experiencing increased traction. Since first generation entrepreneurs with vast working experience are responsible for large percentile of startups, they have been adopting innovative approaches not merely for business acquisition, but also in inculcating intriguing work cultures to attract and retain top talent.

Scrutinized by a distinguished panel of industry's topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, as well as siliconindia's Editorial board, through the entire year, we present to you this 'Startup of the Year - 2015' issue. The startups we have chosen thrive with all the aforementioned qualities, especially the fire of innovation and the passion to excel in their fields. We hope these stories will serve as a cautionary tale and will also ignite the spark of entrepreneurship amongst aspiring business moguls. Dive in to know more about the interesting story behind their inception, challenges they surmounted and their salient features that has been propelling them to the zenith.

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