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Srijan Technologies: Helping Businesses Excel Using Drupal

si Team
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
si Team
Drupal is one of the world's leading open source content management platforms. Drupal also helps large global enterprises build e-Commerce/CRM systems and extend existing proprietary applications. Backed by one of the largest open source communities in the world, Drupal provides the digital experiences crucial for the 21st century.

Srijan Technologies' expertise is in Drupal. Founded in 2002, Srijan is now the largest Drupal company in Asia. The company has over 160 employees spread across five offices in India, and one in the United States. Among Srijan's employees are many who are recognized as mentors, speakers and leaders for various initiatives related to Drupal.

Product Development using Rapid Prototyping

Companies look for development teams that not only have great expertise in technologies, but teams that fully understand the client's business and then bring their online business perspective into play, to develop products that are right for the target users. This means that the development team has to also create value by engaging in debates and discussions on what features should be developed.

One of the key areas in which companies seek out Srijan's services is for outsourced product development. This is because a Minimum Viable Product approach using lean thinking and Agile processes becomes key to ensure that the right product is developed, as against a product being developed right. Today, all of Srijan's projects are on Agile, and the company has evolved mature processes that enable it to deliver the most complex projects to great customer satisfaction.

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