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Sportobuddy: A Social Network for All Sports Aficionados

si Team
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
si Team
Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision. ~ said Muhammad Ali. And for such like-minded champions whose thirst for sports never ends, Sportobuddy has created a league of sporting events happening around them. A celebration for the love of game, Sportobuddy is the brainchild of a group of entrepreneurs and sports enthusiasts who kick started the company in November 2015 with an aim to spread the power of sports through a disruptive platform and a plethora of products, services and curated content. "We believe that sport is the embodiment of the human spirit. Everywhere we travelled, we met people who in some way or the other were connected to sports. Some played competitively while some were amateurs with passion, while others just watched with zeal," asserts Sunil Kukadia, Founder of Locobuddy - that brings to you Sportobuddy.

Whether a sportsman or a spectator, all believed that sports made them stronger, better and wish they could dedicate more of their time to it. In 2013 alone, Indian sports fans spent 19 hours per week to consume sports, which is gradually increasing. Sportobuddy is all geared up to capture this market where there is a latent desire to discover, book, connect and play. Its online modules include selection of sporting venues, coaching tie-ups and fitness centres that help create social communities for users to discover, connect and play. The flagship service Go-Play enables users to explore, connect, chat and play with like-minded players within their vicinity, apart from setting up their own match and inviting friends and others to play. Additionally, users can also book venues online. "Simply put, you can now book a match on your favourite turf, link up with friends and be a part of a sporting event based on where you are, all with the tap of a button," asserts Sandeep Madhavan, Founder, Locobuddy.

Nullifying the Barriers

Sports market in India is still highly fragmented and unorganized, demanding a great deal of education and appeal, especially when it comes to developing merchant and vendor connections. Finding a business partner with similar vision was another uphill task for Sportobuddy. To crush these crunches, the startup is developing a trained team of specialists who will constantly engage with its partners who aim at integrating the brand's promise with their value proposition, thus creating a wholesome sports experience for athletes and enthusiasts alike.

"Our partners are not just venue owners but other businesses like fitness centres, merchandise stores, coaches and coaching facilities, most of whom are not digitally savvy. With us on board, they are now leveraging the power of digital to maximise their business potential in a big way," explains Sunil. But collating authentic market and vendor data is critical and equally tough. Hence, Sportobuddy has put together a team of feet-on-street who are actively pursuing relevant data and also tapping into online databases to bridge data gaps.

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