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Spectra Management Consultancy: Where Value Seizes the Paramount Stature

si Team
Thursday, March 24, 2016
si Team
With security threats gaining momentum, enterprises are increasingly shifting their gaze towards structured risk management, compliance and mitigations, which is in turn reflected in the rapid growth of management and advisory consultancies. However, most of the decisions are crystallized on cost-centric modalities, instead of emphasizing on the adept professional team and the value propositions it brings to the forefront.But, for the enterprises who breathe on the latter, Spectra Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (Spectra) - a Pune-headquartered business consulting firm - is a perfect companion.Founded in 2007 by a business veteran Rachit Desai, with its prime focus on risk management, consulting and advisory, Spectra actively works with companies to drive change and enable strategized and long-term risk management assessments.

Backed by combined experience of over four decades, Spectra is instrumental in enabling optimized business risk management, in which the value outweighs the cost. As a key enabler to derive the best value,the company leverages a fine blend of governance risk compliance cognizance, analytical, business and technology craftsmanship. The concoction also depicts its ability to understand the need of the clients and implement solutions successfully on-time. Its adherence to quality, commitment standards of the profession and best global practices not only cater to the needs of biggies, but also handhold SMBs to cherish their enhanced business performance and improved budgeting.

The Breeding Ground of Excellency

Spectra has raised the bar to a new high by providing unique service product combination that enable single interface between business control and support functions. The end-to-end offerings dwell into wide range of intricacies including consultancy, technology, forensic, management audit and compliance. Rachit has also architected a state-of-the-art forensic laboratory, which is today one amongst the top ten in India. The firm works in tandem with its clients' management team and employs a detailed program management to implement and monitor new risk management initiatives, which helped the company to build a long-term relationship with the clients.

Under Rachit's headship, Spectra successfully rose from the initial crunches of working capital management, pricing and competition, and today it stands tall with a proven track record of successfully executing global assignments. The company has worked across nine countries and owns a marquee client's base footed across major industries. "Spectra has spent zero money on marketing and sales till date; all assignments are through referrals and actual assignment feedback. Since the day we started, we don't have a record of losing any first-time customers," proclaims Rachit.

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