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Specialized Testing Services

Ajikumar TN
Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Ajikumar TN
In the 1998 time frame when I changed my career into software testing, the no. of testing professionals available in the software industry was very less – may be in terms of just a few hundreds. Software testing was definitely not a sought-after job. Not many organizations had a separately carved out testing division. Also, the revenues from testing and salaries offered to the professionals were less than that of a development job across the industry.

But today the scenario is very much different. We can see many changes happening in software testing area.

l Thousands of testing professionals are around today. Even campus recruits opt to join testing teams. Testing organizations are able to attract talent directly from campus competing with offers for development jobs.
l Lot of pure play Testing organizations have come up during the last 12 years. Spotting the business opportunity, these companies are thriving. Some of them have become targets of acquisition with good valuations.
l Testing moved away from ‘just testing’. It is more of a specialization now. Specialization attracts more money for the professional and also for the organization.

This article is about the third point mentioned above. Apart the good old functional testing, many specialized testing areas have emerged over the years. This was not accidental – industry was responding to the requirements from customers.

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