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Societynmore.com: Making Your Society More Social & Easy to Manage

si Team
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
si Team
We all live in a connected world. But are we really connected to the ones who matters a lot? It is not startling that in our busy life, we are almost disconnected with people residing in our society or even neighbourhood. But technology has a solution for everything, almost. This is why when Sakshi Sureka (Managing Director) and Poonam Khowala (Chief Executive - Customer Relations) saw this huge societal gap, they decided to take their already existing company Remindnmore.com to another level to address this concern. Emerging as the version 2.0 and rechristened as Societynmore, the company created a hyper local network within a society/neighbouring societies to bring likeminded people together either to address any common cause or to synergize on common interest of members. The company has been able to change the way society are managed traditionally by introducing the online technology supported by value added service by its team of experts.

The New Version & Vision

As remindernmore, the company enabled users to host/organize events on its portal and communicate privately or in a group besides general reminder services for other tasks. But with time, users started asking for more features related to society. Post analysing the market, the duo concluded that there were very few players in this segment and their service wasn't meeting the expectations of members. Hence, they gradually started to revamp their system bottom up based on use's requirements and industry best practices. "Meeting diverse user requirements and building system that is truly user friendly while still versatile and powerful enough to allow control over most of the elements, were the main challenges we faced," says Poonam.

Overcoming all initial hiccups of a startup, like hunting for good talent, few months back, Societynmore launched its mobile application in iOS and Android platforms with rich features like gatekeeper which caters visitor management and 'book a service' which enables quick booking for household service requirements like plumber, carpenter etc. The application is targeted towards facilitating various options to actualise the objectives of its mission - making society management truly mobile and accessible. Today, the company offers a spectrum of services extending from society management services to society consulting, accounting, RFQ for shortlisting vendors, gatekeeper service for society security, and an integrated marketplace to create a hyper local network within a society or within neighbouring societies. To further accentuate its customers, the company has created an internal knowledge management system that accumulates knowledge articles on anything related to the societies. "All laws and acts are kept updated over there. We also provide access to this to our clients through web and mobile," explains Sakshi.

The All-in-one ERP Package

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