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Serial SAN: The Bright future of Serials

S.R. Prasana Kumhar
Monday, May 1, 2006
S.R. Prasana Kumhar
Serial Technology is here to stay! The staying power of this technology is amply demonstrated by the success of SATA drives and their deployment becoming ubiquitous with implementations ranging from desktops or servers to storage subsystems. Today organizations are deploying mission critical storage subsystems powered by SATA drives in their data centers to ensure performance and availability.

As most of us are aware Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a new enterprise disk interface. It was developed as a replacement to parallel SCSI to improve storage system performance, scalability, and availability while maintaining compatibility with the SCSI command set commonly used in today’s enterprise operating systems and applications.

Current Trends:
As far as the markets are concerned SAS technology is yet to gain its momentum as compared to that of the SATA, one could attribute this solely to the availability of commercial SAS based products from major storage vendors. Keeping in mind the popularity of SATA at the cost of ATA and SCSI technologies one could safely bet on the future successes of Serial Technologies be it ATA or SCSI. Both of them offer huge potential in a market that is conservative and tech savvy at the same time when it comes to implementing IT infrastructure.

In terms of connectivity technologies, the acceptance of SCSI based deployments of SAN for block level storage resource and management indicates a significant possibility for solutions based on Serial technology for deploying cost effective and user friendly SANs, in environments that ride on the SAS switches popularly know as Expanders.

Serial Technology at its best

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