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July - 2010 - issue > Technology

Sentiment Analysis - A Solution Overview

Aravind K Shenai
Friday, July 2, 2010
Aravind K Shenai
User generated content on the web has grown many fold in the last few years and much of the content is in the form of reviews, commentaries, ratings and now tweets. Users are expressing their opinions through these forms. The various tasks of identifying the opinions, monitoring them, summarizing them and organizing them are collectively termed as sentiment analysis or opinion mining.

Sentiment analysis is of real value for companies to manage their brands and reputation. Traditionally brand and reputation management has been done via surveys, focus groups, user conferences and while these are not likely to go away in the near future, the ability to monitor the brands in real-time is a value-add that cannot be over-estimated.

Sentiment analysis involves elements of natural language processing (NLP), text mining, machine learning & data analytics. The research in the field of opinion mining has been on going for several years and many models and techniques have been proposed. The theory is well understood and there are also tools and solutions that are available to implement a sentiment analysis system. Companies in the text analytics area are usually the first ones to come up with such solutions but, there is an increasing presence of new startup firms that are creating a buzz in this domain.

In this article we don’t delve into the theory and the algorithms involved in Sentiment Analysis but, we will take a look at the entire process from identifying the opinion sources to the visualization of the results.

Solution Overview

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