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SearchEnabler: Revolutionizing your Search Optimization Technology

ST Team
Wednesday, July 6, 2011
ST Team
With more than 15 billion search queries per month, the general online users are using the internet for most of their needs. With more than 25 percent of the global population being online in 2010, and expected to grow to 50 percent by 2015; internet is definitely here to influence people and businesses alike.

Internet is the biggest marketing platform today with most people using the internet to perform research online, compare product features and solicit feedback. It is now imperative for businesses to have a good online presence and make themselves easily reachable by search enabling their web presence. 6 out of 10 start-ups failed quoting promotion/marketing as the primary reason and this is where Bangalore based QuickoLabs comes in.

SearchEnabler, is a maiden offering from QuickoLabs, and is aimed at bridging crucial gap between businesses and their potential customers. It provides businesses with “all you need” pointers to continuously increase targeted traffic at minimal cost. The first on-demand Search Engine Optimization platform launched from India, SearchEnabler is also one of the first few in the world to bring enterprise class SEO software and analysis features to a wider market.

SearchEnabler is built around the latest technologies in areas of distributed computing to address large scale data processing and mining to meet the ever increasing demands of users. The company has built its cloud setup using locally available hardware, enabled with provisioning and monitoring capability to handle scalability, manage tera-bytes of data and perform trend analysis, manage 24x7 web crawlers building link graph, develop capability to benchmark SEO factors and ensure affordability by SMBs “We feel our Technology capability will give competitive edge to provide accurate recommendation, rapid addition of features, build additional products and retain customers in market dominated by traditional marketing firms” says Vara Kumar Co-Founder, Quickolabs

QuickoLabs is redefining the SEO market by bringing affordable Enterprise class features to SMBs. At minimal cost, the small business owners can achieve the objective of highly targeted traffic to his website, on a sustained basis, and take control over his online marketing campaign. The closed beta version of SearchEnabler was launched in April 2011, and just a little over a month after the launch the company is seeing a steady growth in interest from startups, freelancers and even bloggers.

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