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Sagacious IP: A Step Ahead in Protecting the Creations of Minds

Kavitha G.
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Kavitha G.
With the significance of Intellectual Property (IP) gaining more momentum, the role of law firms has also substantially moved beyond the generic chores of drafting, filing and prosecuting patent & trade mark applications and has become a more critical and commercial responsibility. But, on the flip side, a large number of innovations run aground due to lack of appropriate support, time, money and guidance. Most of the law firms may not find these thoughts as critical and may just focus on running their businesses, but for Anant Kataria & Tarun K Bansal these thoughts became a bee in their bonnet and emboldened them to incorporate Sagacious IP, one of today's global players in IP Services & Consulting domain. Since inception, the firm has been an extended arm to entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and IP practitioners in helping them to take informed IP decisions through Intelligent IP Research Solutions, while also partnering them to lay a firm foothold to their inventions.

Conceived in 2007, to cater the needs of an entrepreneur, inventor, corporation Sagacious is highly acknowledged for its brainchild, Idea to Market – a differentiated theme where in the company endeavors to provide end-to-end support to entrepreneurs in taking their ideas from inception to market. Over 100 specialized Sagacious techno-legal professionals, hailing from varied technological backgrounds, go an extra mile and serve as co-inventors with the entrepreneurs working on technology breakthroughs by employing brain-storming, technical validations and literature research strategies to scout solutions. Sagacious further has tie-ups with a number of laboratories and research facilities across technology verticals to empower entrepreneurs to take their ideas from paper to practice by actual experimentation and prototyping.

The IP-intensive services cover Patent Search Service, Patent Drafting Support, Patent Paralegal Support, Patent Litigation Support, Patent Due Diligence, Patent Monetization Support, Trademark Search & Watch, and Filing &Prosecution. "We believe that overall model that we have weaved together and synergy between various business lines we have, is pretty unique. We support inventors secure their IP rights properly, while also helping them monetize those IP right by various mechanisms and attain relevant IP rights for their innovation," explains Tarun K Bansal, Founder & Director, Sagacious IP.

Another business unit of the firm caters to Indian entrepreneurs wherein they learn to identify and practice the innovation worldwide that are not patented in India. The clients can zero in on any quick, accurate and cost-effective innovations without any legal hassles. "We sincerely believe that Indian entrepreneurs have a lot to offer if they get the right support and guidance. It will be a golden era for Indian economy once they start getting technology breakthroughs like in developed countries and start offering world class products to the world. We want to take India to the level of America where technology breakthroughs come day in and day out. We want next Apple, next Google and next Facebook to be from India," proclaims Tarun.

Besides, Sagacious is also an outsourcing partner who assists entrepreneurs with intensive literature search, technical analysis and on the like necessary supports to improve clients' R&D functions. While it enables innovators to collect full value of their invention, it also helps R&D centers of global Techno-Giants to be current with the present and future technology advancements in the industry through its regular technical research reports. Sometimes referred to as R&D Bibles, Sagacious reports are not limited to only technical aspects, but also updates them about best companies to collaborate with, best people to hire, upcoming yet unseen competition and many other crucial factors.

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