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SME OneSource Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore based start up: Providing a Socio-Commercial Collaborative Growth Platform for SMEs & Startups

Sandeep Sen
Monday, December 9, 2013
Sandeep Sen
SME – Small and Medium Enterprise segment is the fastest growing segment in India today and they are the backbone of Indian economy.

However, these small establishments require services & solutions and backing from other players in order for them to make a mark in the industry. The segment that services these small players is an open market that is waiting to be fully capitalized. SME OneSource, a provider of all relative solutions to SMEs, has realized this gap and stepped into the arena with the intent to revolutionize the space.

"We are a Socio-Commercial collaborative growth platform built on Share-Collaborate-WIN philosophy and we intend to enable the upcoming establishments to become Smartly Managed Enterprises by allowing them to focus on the core business aspects while we take care of everything else," says G Nagaraj, CEO, SME OneSource Infotech P Ltd., The company focuses on six aspects that are essential for every business: IT, Knowledge, Professional services, Human Resource, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Funding. In today’s market it is impossible for small and medium enterprises to acquire professionals / consultants to facilitate services & solutions required in the above mentioned areas without a spending their core time in hunting for the right one and without huge monetary investment; none of the big consulting firms are able to provide these at affordable cost, since their fortay is large enterprises and MNCs. "To aid this, we have established member-driven growth partner model after an indepth research and marketing understanding for over five years. SME OneSource is an eco system that we have created to enrol, carefully evaluated subject matter experts, vendors & solution providers as Growth Partners to support SME buyers who seek growth oriented solution & services. We have evaluated the competencies and various capabilities of small and medium enterprises for offering these solutions and services. So what happens is the cost of delivery is far lesser when compared to the big independent consulting firms," says Nagaraj. The company facilitates, monitors and manages knowledge, IT, professional services, finance & funding, essential for the growth of every business without forcing the young companies to 'shell out more money than they can afford, but to work together on "Do not pay upfront but pay in proportionate to results" model and offer Sales & Marketing and Human Resource support as direct offering". The company currently boasts of an establisher: by implementing 1:5 ratios in its service model.

Feet on the Street

Today, most businesses have taken an affinity for the virtual functioning of the industry. It is increasingly becoming the trend for every industry; however, the company that serves the young guns in the industry has taken a step back by using an approach called "feet-on-the-street." It is by using the age old Indian business philosophy that the company is able to serve his needs to the fullest. The company assigns experts on every level to consult on various operations that the clients will have to accomplish.

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