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SJS Technologies: A Smooth Biometric HRMS Experience Even In the Most Challenging Environments!

SI Team
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
SI Team
Nikhara Bharath, a construction company with multiple sites across India, had a tough task of monitoring his employees due to workplaces located remotely. A lack of access to basic amenities like power, Internet access and other infrastructural necessities, only added to their woes. When Nikhara contacted SJS Technologies, the biometric solution provider was able to deploy a one of a kind GPRS enabled biometric device system which was powered by solar panels. After every device was integrated to work leveraging GPRS, the web of supervision was complete. After that Nikhara’s administrators were able to monitor employees in real time, irrespective of the condition of the locations.

SJS Technologies, an ISO 9001:2008 company, founded by Directors, Sandeep Shetty and Pavan Shetty, has been providing HRMS solutions that are leveraged by state of the art technologies since its foundation in 2008. The company has ensured a no compromise solution to its clients’ needs by investing in German innovation for low costing, yet high end products and services. While most of the products in the industry today are focused on the offline model, SJS goes that extra mile by incorporating solutions that exploit the internet phenomena to the hilt. This serves as a big advantage as it makes it possible for a manager to monitor his employees just with a simple GPRS network connection on his mobile device.

“SJS Technologies’ Biometric triggered HRMS solution suits not only for the arduous environment it also efficiently handles the corporate requirements in HRMS like Employee self service, Employee attendance and movement, Leave management etc.,” says Sandeep. “Most of the available software will cover only few of the general requirements. But in real time it requires more customization of application and more dedicated support to resolve the complexities and to get the proper output,” adds Pavan.

The most important word that an organization looks forward to in an HRMS provider is customization; Customization according to the company’s own rules, regulations and reports. However not many HRMS providers have the technology to support clients who have the requirement of biometrics in testing environments without power, Internet and basic infrastructural facilities. SJS fills this void perfectly with its highly effective HRMS solutions.

Moving forward SJS looks set for a smooth vertical growth by adding close to 250 channel partners for its cause of providing best and latest HRMS technologies at very affordable costs. With a clientele that includes the likes of Videocon, Schneider-Electric, Vasan Hospitals and Indian Ministry of defense, to name a few, the highly skilled and dedicated team led by Sandeep and Pavan look set to throw a few surprises to the big players in the market.
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